Today, retirees are facing financial challenges as a result of longer life expectancies and the concern of outliving their retirement savings. Traditional asset allocation models focus primarily on accumulating retirement savings but very few models focus on the unique financial issues concerning retirement income.

It is important for a retiree to establish a prudent withdrawal strategy which does not threaten one’s long term financial goals.  Primary concerns are: what amount of income is required, how much will be left to heirs, and what other sources of income are available other than from investments.

Our objective is to analyze your individual circumstances and to provide you with a clearer understanding of your probability of retirement success.

Retirement planning is for everyone, no exceptions
Retirement accumulation investing strategies
Retirement income – prudent withdrawal strategies designed
Analyzing savings options
The impact of inflation on income
How much do you need to contribute to reach your retirement goals
Social security – age to elect varies – choose wisely – its impact will last a lifetime
Market fluctuation vs. investment risk – are you invested for yesterday’s market
Corporate retirement benefits (proceed with caution)
Lump sum distributions (yes / no / why?)
Pension lump sum distributions (yes / no / why?)
Working after retirement (full time / part time)

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